EzySME Hub 2.0 Partner's Training
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24 May 2023

In collaboration with our esteemed business partner, we have successfully embarked on an initiative aimed at expanding the recruitment of merchants for the EzyShare website. As part of this endeavor, an online webinar was conducted yesterday, where we diligently conducted a comprehensive briefing on the EzyShare website and outlined the best practices for our partners to effectively instruct merchants on utilizing the EzyShare application.

During the aforementioned webinar, we delved into a thorough discussion on the various functionalities and features offered by the EzyShare platform. Our main objective was to equip our partners with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide an articulate introduction to the EzyShare application. By ensuring that our partners possess a comprehensive understanding of the platform, we aim to enhance the overall merchant recruitment process and facilitate seamless integration into the EzyShare ecosystem.