EzySME Hub 2.0 Program's Online Training Session
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21 Aug 2023

On Friday, August 18th, a training session was hosted online by NSI Solutions sdn bhd. Digital training and consultancy are crucial for SMEs because they enable these businesses to optimize their resources, navigate the complexities of digital transformation, and remain competitive in a digital-first world. These services help SMEs strategically embrace digital technologies, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Certainly, here are three reasons why Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) require digital training and consultancy:

1) Limited Resources, Maximum Impact: SMEs often operate with limited resources in terms of budget, manpower, and time. Digital training and consultancy help SMEs optimize their digital initiatives, ensuring that they invest their resources in the right technologies and strategies to achieve the greatest impact. This targeted approach helps them make the most of their limited resources and drive meaningful results.

2) Adaptation to Digital Transformation: In an increasingly digital business environment, SMEs must undergo digital transformation to remain competitive and relevant. However, the process of adopting new technologies and overhauling business processes can be daunting. Digital training and consultancy provide SMEs with guidance and support throughout the transformation journey, making the process more manageable and ensuring that the changes align with their unique needs and goals.

3) Competing with Larger Players: SMEs often compete with larger corporations that have greater resources and established digital infrastructures. To level the playing field, SMEs need to leverage digital technologies effectively. Training and consultancy assist SMEs in identifying innovative ways to use digital tools, allowing them to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and create a distinctive brand presence that stands out in the market.