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What is EzySME Hub 3.0?

EzySME Hub 3.0 is an One-Stop Digitalization Solution designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our comprehensive features and modules includes Dropship & Agent System, POS & System, Online Ordering Portal and Cloud Backoffice. With EzySME Hub 3.0, SME can seamlessly manage their business operations across all channels, from in-store sales to online orders and more. Enjoy the added benefit of unlimited online support to enhance their business journey.

Who should apply and join us?

Local products/brand owner with healthcare, skincare and cosmetics products distributing thru dropship and agents.

Food and Beverage such as restaurant, food track, food kiosk or home made.

Service Industry like car workshop, saloon, slimming centre and etc.

Retail Industry such as minimarket, supermarket, fashion store, kiosk and so on.

Functionalities And Modules

Dropship & Agent CRM Management System is one of the key important system that can help SME to grow their business with minimum marketing and operation cost.

Online Ordering Portal is equipped with robust features, including support for online payment gateways, compatibility with both browsers and mobile devices, and the flexibility to operate as a sub-domain.

EzyPOS is a cutting-edge mobile Android app designed to revolutionize point of sales processing for various industries, including retail, F&B, and services.

Cloud-Based Backoffice. The cloud-based backoffice serves as a central hub for efficient management, housing a comprehensive product listing for easy publication.

Cloud-based Solutions For Your Business

The cloud-based backoffice serves as a central hub for efficient management, housing a comprehensive product listing for easy publication.

For seamless sales order management, the system allows monitoring of customer purchases, facilitating smooth processing, and preparation of orders.

Includes features to notify users about product availability, update the packing and delivery status, generate detailed sales reports, and provides a dashboard for in-depth analysis of product sales.

Support & Services

System Training

1 hour per session (online/onsite)

Remote Assistance

Unlimited Online Support and Endless Online Assistance

Business Matching

Include matchmaking events, networking platforms, or systems that analyze business profiles to identify suitable partnerships or collaborations 

Cross Platform Selling

Practice of selling products or services across multiple platforms or channels

Business Pricing Structure

Our pricing is budget-friendly and designed to cater to businesses of any scale.

EzySME Hub 3.0 Package
Empowering SME
RM 5,000
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Terms & Conditions Apply
  • System Training
  • • 1 Hour Per Session
  • • Online / Onsite
  • • B2C Module
  • • B2B Module
  • • Sales Agent Module
  • Cloud-Based POS System
  • Online Ordering Portal
  • Dropship And Agent System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module
  • * Online Transaction Charges as low as 2% transaction fees, excluding 2% payment gateway charges

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